5 06, 2018

Bass Coast 2018 Line Up Playlist

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Bass Coast 2018 Line Up Playlist The Bass Coast 2018 Line Up has been announced! We've scoured sound cloud to find as many of the headliners as possible! We've got over 3 hours of tunes on this playlist! check the social links below for more about Bass Coast 

19 04, 2018

Ever After Music Festival adds drum and bass stage and extends line-up to include surprise back-to-back performance

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As festival season quickly amps up for Summer 2018, [...]

3 04, 2018

Shambhala Line Up Playlist (2018)

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We've scoured soundcloud for a few tracks from the Shambhala Line Up. We've added a few songs from each artist. We do have a few missing but we decided to not include mixes or demo's. We don't think you'll find a more comprehensive list anywhere else! We will be adding more after April 9th when Shambhala releases the rest of the line up.

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