27 03, 2019

Why You Need to STOP Promoting to the Same 20 People in 2019

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You've got the same loyal 20 fans from 3 years ago. Maybe half of them are friends and 80% of them come out to your shows on a weekly basis. Until, they don't. Maybe another show is competing, maybe they are out of town for the week or have family plans and suddenly your pull is less than the rest of the artists on the line up. Your excuse, "They all went to this other party.” or “ Half of them are out of town to EDC."

1 02, 2019

Relationships Artists Need to END in 2019 & 4 to Build

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Do you ever find yourself defending your choice of career to family members? Maybe even to other DJs that may be trying to convince you that there is, “no money’ in this line of work? Are you listening to other electronic music producers that are trying to tell you that you can only succeed if you do step 1, 2 and 4 but never 3? Keep reading my friend because we’re going to dig deep in this article and talk about why you may need to end these relationships here and now and which to nurture.

26 03, 2018

Rave-Consent-Repeat By Bee Ní Choitír

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I have always felt very proud of how the rave community behaves towards each other, while still successfully having the time of our lives.  I can never commend the scene enough. This coming summer will be my first time attending the Shambhalla festival and to be told that women can walk freely naked and that it is completely acceptable fills me with pride and joy in our community.  The truth is that I have witnessed more respect and decency within this community than in many other strands of society.

14 03, 2018

What is EDM

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EDM stands for electronic dance music. The acronym encompasses several percussive music genres, primarily produced with techniques used in disco, techno, trance, and house music. These genres originally became popular in the nightlife, party and club scene during the late 1980s, and into the early 90s. Dance music saw an increase in popularity when raving, club culture, and warehouse parties began to emerge.

26 02, 2018

Chasing Summer 2018 announced with absolutely stacked line up and the event is now all ages

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Chasing Summer 2018 has been announced and the line up is absolutely stacked! Artists like Dillon Francis, RL Grime, Borgore, Malaa, Kuuro and Bro Safari among many many more amazing names are confirmed for the event.

26 02, 2018

Toronto Fashion Week Features Hometown Model & DJ

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Toronto Fashion Week returned to the city from February 5th to the 7th bringing in world class fashion, art, and music. The exclusive three-day festival saw renowned designers like Austria’s Nikki Wirthensohn Yassemi and Toronto’s very own dance music producer, DJ, and model, Miss Tara.

12 02, 2018

Top 5 Toronto-Based Dance Music Producers

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The city of Toronto is home to many successful and extremely talented producers, from house music to trap and bass, the six consistently contributes great music to the EDM scene. Toronto’s dance music community is flourishing and part of the success can be attributed to these 5 artists.

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