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Welcome to the home of Canadian EDM

The site was created to bring Canadian electronic music artists together and bring Canadian EDM of every genre to the forefront. We strive to bring you the best Canadian dubstep, Trap, House, Drum and Bass and other genres of electronic music. We will automatically repost all tracks to our Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. to submit music CLICK HERE

We started the site due to most blogs focussing on US and UK EDM artists. In addition most Canadian music blogs don’t offer anything for Electronic artists. So, we decided to bridge this gap. Thus CDN EDM was born.

 An online Community

Our goal is to build an online community for Canadian EDM artists. The more artists and followers the blog has the more people we can share your music to and the more music we can share! We are looking for artists and bloggers from across the country to submit music and news to the blog.

Blog content can be about anything relating to the Canadian EDM scene. Concert experiences, lifestyle, new and upcoming music and even DJ and production tips and tricks.

Music content can be any genre as long as it would be considered electronic music

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We optimize each music post, blog and event page to ensure fan find us and you! We use categories and tags to make sure people using search engines find your content

Canadian Content

Oh Canada!

At CDNEDM.CA we only share Canadian music, blogs and events. Our goal is to build an online community for Canadian electronic artists, promoters and bloggers.

The Price is Right

It's Free!

Posting your song is free! It sounds too good to be true? well its not! Once we have a solid fan base we will be have features for artists that will cost money but posting will always be free!

Our Team

Chris Connelly
Chris ConnellyCo-Founder, Webmaster, Blogger, Promotions
Chris started CDNEDM in 2017 with a dream of bringing Canadian electronic artists together and building a community.
danica deschenes
danica deschenesBlogger, Music Coordinator
Danica has been helping out with the site since 2017. She tracks down all the music we have on the site that isn’t submitted.
Mike Asiedu
Mike AsieduGraphic Design
Mike does all the art for the site! including our logos and banners!
Dylan Shawnee Russell
Dylan Shawnee RussellLive Streams
Dylan runs our live stream section of the site since 2018!
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