Why You Need to STOP Promoting to the Same 20 People in 2019

You’ve got the same loyal 20 fans from 3 years ago. Maybe half of them are friends and 80% of them come out to your shows on a weekly basis. Until, they don’t. Maybe another show is competing, maybe they are out of town for the week or have family plans and suddenly your pull is less than the rest of the artists on the line up. Your excuse, “They all went to this other party.” or “ Half of them are out of town to EDC.”

The trouble with depending on the same 20 people to support your shows is that people have lives outside of your passion, families, jobs and other commitments. Sadly but often over the years people can lose interest and no longer desire to go to events like they once did. Even your biggest fans might find themselves moving away from the scene and onto other endeavors.

Guess what?

It’s not the end of the world and that much more of a reason to continue to grow your fan base, always. What I find with a lot of old school cats is that they feel like they’ve already “done all the things.” They’ve built their reputation up over the years, they can stop trying now. Right?

I mean sure! If you’re not interested in bringing in a crowd and the promoter that books you doesn’t mind either.

I am of the opinion (and I KNOW I am not alone) everyone in this industry needs to pull their weight, that is where longevity is of concern. The promoters that are bringing in people and getting the word out about their events, the music makers that are bringing new and different music that stands out to the listener. And the very important tastemakers showcasing and performing that music at events weekly.

We all play an important role in this industry.

And last but not least, there are so many people that want to hear your music style, but they don’t know you exist. Like having incredible art that is never on display because you hide it in your basement. Share your gift in music, meet people, enjoy those beautiful blended beats together and nourish those relationships.

My question for YOU is how are you building your fanbase today? How are you creating authentic relationships with real people you jive with? And if this is something you feel you need to start focusing on, let us know what steps you plan to make next? Share in the comments below.

Today I’m leaving you with a video I did for one of my #AskKilma questions on #DJNTV where someone asked about this very topic.

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