Relationships Artists Need to END in 2019 & 4 to Build

Do you ever find yourself defending your choice of career to family members? Maybe even to other DJs that may be trying to convince you that there is, “no money’ in this line of work? Are you listening to other electronic music producers that are trying to tell you that you can only succeed if you do step 1, 2 and 4 but never 3? Keep reading my friend because we’re going to dig deep in this article and talk about why you may need to end these relationships here and now and which to nurture.

Let me start off by saying it’s okay if people don’t understand our love for making and playing music. It’s even okay if they don’t totally dig our sounds, but when it comes to putting down someone’s choice in path just because it’s not for them… that opinion is none of our business. Let’s dive right in!

DROP These 4 Relationships:
The Doubters: They doubt you, they doubt others, heck they probably doubt themselves. Often this is a confidence thing. They don’t believe in themselves so they project that attitude on others.

The Gossiper: They’ve got the juicy details about somebody and usually in a negative light. You probably find yourself wondering if you can even trust them and feel dare I say ‘icky’ days after conversing with them.

The Problem Makers: You know them. They aren’t just trying to bring up drama but it’s everyone else’s fault, never theirs. These people claim the victim role in most situations, including when they are in leadership roles.

The Negative Peeps:
They are energy suckers. Doesn’t matter if they mean well, all they do is complain about the industry and how they think it ‘should be’ but never actually add anything positive to the scene.

Nurture These 4 Relationships:
The Encouragers: These people believe in you and will always tell you to go for your dreams even if they may seem totally out of this world. They are also usually the first to tell you how proud they are of you.

The Gabber: They would always rather lift people up and talk about the great things people are up to rather than share something unbecoming. You tend to see them in this light too, because of the positive affirmations you hear come out of their own mouth.

The Problem Solver: They don’t just look for solutions to issues they run into but these folks take responsibility for their actions and the impact of their team.

The Positive Peeps: Just being around these people lift you up. It doesn’t mean they don’t have bad days but they know how to find the silver lining in any situation.

Was this article eye opening? Tell us why! Do you think a friend would appreciate this? Feel free to share! Do you have a story you’d like to share about a relationship you dropped or nurture, let us know in the comments below.

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