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We have a new team member at CDNEDM and we thought it would be a great idea to do a proper introduction! Please welcome Kilma to the team! For years she has been a integral part of the Winnipeg electronic music scene! Kilma is a wicked techno, house, breakbeat and garage producer / DJ that has been slaying the decks on the regular for many years. On top of that she has a regular podcast where she interviews underground artists from all over! There’s not doubt she is one of the busiest producers in our scene, a taste maker and has helped moved our scene forward in an amazing way. We are absolutely honoured to be working with her in the future. She has prepared a very special mix for this interview so hit play and check out one of my favourite interviews we have done so far!

CDNEDM: Tell us a bit about who you are, your music and what your involvement in the scene.

KILMA: In short I am a DJ & aspiring producer that helps other artists through my online content and workshops.

I found myself enamored in the art of djing since I went to my first rave, late 2006. I was eager to get my hands on turntables and even started buying vinyl before I had a pair of my own. Initially I was drawn to the sounds of drum and bass but as the years went on I found a new love of house and techno music and of course creating music myself.

It was the re-brand that really set things off as far as the knowledge I started sharing online, both written and recorded. As I continued to grow the brand a few DJ related publication re-blogged and or asked for exclusive content. Disc Jockey News T.V. was one of spaces that got me regularly vlogging with my #AskKilma series and interviewing successful DJs.

CDNEDM: Who has been your favourite artist that you’ve interviewed in your podcast.

KILMA: My favorite interviews are usually the ones where I learned something new and it kicks my ass into gear. Everyone has such amazing insight based on their personal experience. It would difficult to choose one but few come to mind. Arnold & Lane of Tons & Tons, Sheps of Sheppard Records and Thomas Anthony of Fancy Foxx Music are more recent, so I’ll focus on what they said.

Sheps talks about the process in the studio when things just aren’t clicking, stop forcing it, cut what’s not working and start again. Many times I’ve found myself pushing something that wasn’t jiving, this is great for both music production and the general day to day business stuff.  

Thomas Anthony comments on mentorship and how you can use it to up your game by working closer with someone who KNOWS. That was eye opening. And look these things sound obviously but these really put it in perspective in the one on one.

And lastly Arnold and Lane’s interview, which will this launch this Sun Jan.13 on the Disc Jockey News channel. A comment was made about having to hustle consistently because that one week or month you take off … some slingshots past your progress. Further pushes that need to really keep your head in the game and always be learning!

It’s why one DJ gets a better DJ slots than the next, too. That constant push to be more, do more and have more.


CDNEDM: How did you get started in electronic music scene as a DJ?

KILMA: By giving myself permission! Seriously. From buying vinyl and turntables to asking for DJ gigs, getting involved in shows and eventually just throwing my own. I didn’t wait for someone to give me the go-ahead. I just did it.

CDNEDM: If you could offer one piece of advice for a budding music producer / DJ what would it be?

KILMA: Realize that YOU are the only person standing in the way of your dreams. If you want to go out and rock stages or make music, you gotta make it happen for yourself. You can’t ‘wait’ for the right time or wait for someone to tell you what to do next. Even if you feel like cats are blackballing you, use it to fuel you. Take that energy and focus in on your passion.

If ever you find yourself making excuses about why you don’t have something you want in your life, take a step back. Also look at the people around you. Are they sharing the same message? It may be time to create some distance from them, too.

CDNEDM: Who is your biggest inspiration?

KILMA: The women in my life have always been a big one. From my Mom to my friends, these girls don’t give up, they don’t make excuses and they rise above every garbage situation thrown at them. One of my friends works with the homeless, another with victims of abuse and addiction, another with the disabled. They are consistently giving back to their communities, showing love and empathy for all. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

Music related 100% Akylla. These two women are absolutely SLAYING IT. When you’re done reading this, go check them out. They are the bomb-diggity and working with some of the biggest names in bass music.

I still remember the day Sara told me the plans Sherry and her had for this project. Commit, driven and without excuses those two executed daily.  They deserve every bit of success they’ve had and more coming their way.

CDNEDM: What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

KILMA:  There are many that come to mind. My most recent encounter was probably Emotion Music Festival. Both as a DJ and an attendee.

10 minutes before my set we were hit by an incredible storm and the whole team, even some of the patrons worked together to save the stages and equipment. The head festival director Garret Friesen was calm, professional and rolled with the punches. The whole vibe I got at that festival were warm and family driven. When I finally got to play a couple days later, I was in my element and the crowd was incredibly responsive. I feel really grateful to have been able to be a small part of year one and looking forward to going again this year.

CDNEDM: What is one sub genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

KILMA: I think this depend on the city and while I don’t personally play it I think psytrance doesn’t get enough attention locally. The production of the events thrown here are always top notch from the artists and sound to the decor and atmosphere. They really go all out every time.

CDNEDM: What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

KILMA: Livin’ Joy – Dreamer. I can’t get enough of this one. I actually did a little weird remix I’m pretty proud of.

CDNEDM: Whats some music you enjoy outside of electronic ? Genres, bands etc.

KILMA: Pretty much most R&B and Hip Hop from the 90’s to 2000’s. Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Usher… keep em’ coming. Probably where I got a lot of my ‘style’ in the dnb days, too! Ha.

CDNEDM: Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

KILMA: I think we are going to continue to see more inclusive, safe spaces for non-binary, trans and female identifying folks. I know projects like Good Night Out are going to continue to make huge impacts on our scene and festival circuit.

What people like Mollyfi and Isis Graham of Girls on Decks is doing, is really helping to shape the scene as well. I also think AMECON is only going to get bigger. It’s incredibly inspiring and humbling to see all these amazing humans giving back to our communities.

CDNEDM: Where do you hope to see yourself amongst that timeline?

KILMA: I looking forward to making and releasing more music, collaborating with these awesome humans both musically and in building our scene, as well as doing more workshops and festivals this year. I just want to create, create, create!!!

CDNEDM: Any upcoming projects, releases, events you think we should know about?

KILMA: As a part of the Cyber Groove AM roster and team I’ve been ask to host the CGRadio podcast which launches this month. Whether you are a DJ, Producer, Promoter or aspiring label owner, you’re going to want to tune into our podcast each and every 3rd Sunday of the month. We talk to amazing, successful, industry professional making a difference in this scene. They share their stories, insight and experience. We are starting off with our interview with Reid Speed. We will have both the video and audio available for our listeners, especially for those who might like their content on the go.

Also you’ll note I have re-record my set from my New Year gig at Footw3rk Dance Club. My great friend and DJ pal Mark Grimace and I threw an event and brought in 2019 proper. Doing what we absolutely love with some of the most amazing people in our favorite local venue Footw3rk Dance Club.

As for gigs, I’m actually already starting to lock down some festival dates, which of course will have to be shared at a late date but those can be found here on my website once they start releasing artist names.

That being said I will be focusing some of my future DJ Spotlights on artists that are curating and closely involved with the planning behind the scenes of some Canadian festivals happening this year. I’m really excited about these interviews because they always give insight on the little known intricate planning and organizing as well as the creative process. As well as how they are trying to make these festivals more sustainable for the environment and safer for party goers and staff alike.

Last but not least music is a BIG focus this year. I’m putting more emphasis on sound design and creation. This past year I always made time for music, however with so many projects on the go and DJ gigs, I often found I needed to get ahead of my work in order to really focus on the creative process. I’ve been implementing new practices in mindfulness to help the workflow in my music production. It’s interesting to say the least. I’m excited about it.

Here you can find a preview of some of my most recent work.

Make sure you follow Kilma on all her social media sites!

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