Top 5 AEMCON Highlights

We had the pleasure of attending AEMCON this year. AEMCON, the Alberta Electronic Music Convention hosted in Calgary at the National Music Centre (Studio Bell) is a place where industry members come together to share knowledge on music production, marketing and business practices as well as some really amazing live performances. The knowledge we received while at the convention is invaluable and the networking that we did while attending will help us grow our music projects and even the blog! All of the presenters were very approachable and stuck around after their presentations to answer questions.

The Venue

The National Music Centre (Studio Bell) is a beautiful place filled with Canadian music history. The venue itself is something you NEED to check out! The architecture of the building is absolutely stunning and the exhibits in themselves are something you could spend a day taking in. For more information about the National Music Centre check out their web site


The Convention

Honestly, I am not even sure where to start on the workshops. We saw so many amazing presenters over the weekend that it was almost overwhelming! So, to make things a little easier I am going to be talking about my top 5 favourite presenters from the weekend.

Online Marketing For Artists with Thomas Anthony

Number one on the list is Thomas Anthony’s Online Marketing For Artists. I took about four pages of notes from this presentation. For those of you who don’t know, Tom has ten years experience in the Electronic Music Scene. He has releases with Dim Mak, Panda Funk and Plasma Pool. His tracks have hit over 200,000 plays on Spotify, Soundcloud and Beatport. In this work shop we learned a lot about Tom’s business plan for releasing music and growing your brand, from where to start with educating yourself about music production all the way to an in depth business plan for releasing music the right way. I could go on and on about this workshop but luckily Tom has released a Youtube video talking about this exact topic! He will be releasing more videos on this subject so make sure you like and subscribe for more info! Check out the Youtube HERE


If you want to learn more about music production, marketing and a plethora of information about the electronic music industry stay connected with Tom by smashing these social links!

YouTube your way to Success & Music Hacking with Vespers

Numbers 2 and 3 on the list are were both presented by the legendary Vespers! He had two separate workshops on Saturday and Sunday. The first was YouTube your way to success! Vespers talked about the in’s and out’s and having a successful YouTube channel including concept ideas for producers, camera, lighting, equipment tips and so much more! As he did the previous year, Vespers released all of his slides and a bunch of really great bonus material through his website Warp Academy

The second workshop was “Music Hacking with Vespers”. As some one who isn’t classically trained in music theory, I found this workshop to be insanely helpful! We learned about workflow hacking, writing in any key without having to memorize shapes and flats, writing for bass and so many other really helpful tips that can make your writing more catchy and epic!

We also got to catch this really cool live performance from Vespers on the sax!

If you want to know more about Vespers and Warp Academy make sure you check his social media links below!

Mixing and Mastering Electronic Music with Woofax

One of the coolest presentations was getting to watch Woofax mix down a track live! We learned all about limiting, side chains, white and pink noise and so many really amazing tips for producing bass music. Woofax is a local legend that was the driving force behind Terravita. He is now taking over with his new project! It was really insightful to watch him work. The man is a genius when it comes to sound. The only thing I wish was different from the Woofax presentation is that it was longer. I could pick his brain all day!

To hear more from Woofax make sure you check his social links below

AEMCON After Hours with A Tribe Called Red

Honestly, Seeing A Tribe Called Red was one of the best shows I have seen all year. The music they create is bass heavy and so unique. There is nothing like these guys out there. On top of that they have some really amazing indigenous performers that in my opinion steal the show! I had no idea The National Music Centre had such an amazing concert hall. This venue is gorgeous and spacious, I would really love to see more events hosted there.

If you want to know more about A Tribe Called Red, make sure you check out their social media links below!


Tonto stands for The Original New Timbral Orchestra, the worlds first and largest multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer. As a huge modular nerd I couldn’t wait to check this synth out! I could not believe the turn out for the demonstration on Sunday. The room was absolutely packed! Tonto started off as a series III Moog modular synth. A second Moog III was added in 1971 and Tonto has been growing ever since!



For more information about TONTO visit

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