The Count Down to AEMCON


AEMCON is a an amazing conference where electronic music producers and industry professionals from all over the world come to Calgary to share knowledge and tools. It is hosted by Electronic Music Calgary which was founded by Isis Graham, Andrew Williams, and Matt Carter in the Spring of 2016. AEMCON is partnered with The National Music Centre (home of Studio Bell) to bring you this amazing event in 2018.

We attended last year and the event was incredible! The amount of information we learned was awesome and this year we don’t expect anything less. With amazing presenters like Vespers, Woofax, Thomas Anthony and concerts from A Tribe Called Red, Render, Chris Lorenzo and many many more this year’s event should be one for the books!

When, Where and How

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dates: November 15 – 18, 2018

Venues: Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre, Beat Drop

Partner Venues: The Hifi, Beat Drop, Habitat Living Sound, Nite Owl, Broken City and many more


Hotel Discounts

Student Discounts

The Conference

AEMCON has some really great presentations from some of the world’s best, running Wednesday, November 14th through Sunday, November 18th. Check out the schedule below. All of the presentations will be hosted at The National Music Centre. Click HERE to find out more about the venue. Night events take place at a variety of venues. Your AEMCON conference pass will give you entry into all day conference content and night time content (subject to capacity limits for the night events).

Wednesday November 14th

Tonto Week: Synthesis 101

November 14, 2018, 12:00 pm
Open to the general public, free for AEMCON pass-holders.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to dip your toes into the world of synthesizers, get an introduction to synthesis with Brandon Smith, a Calgary-based musician, synth programmer, and avid student of keyboard history.

Thursday November 15th

NMC AiR Workshop: A Tribe Called Red x Tonto

November 15, 2018, 12:00 pm
Included with admission. Free for AEMCON pass holders

Multiple JUNO Award-winning act A Tribe Called Red (ATCR), currently comprised of Bear Witness and 2oolman, ignite dance parties wherever they land with their fusion of hip hop, club-ready samples and traditional pow-wow beats, and are among a new generation of Indigenous artists and activists making a strong cultural and social impact in Canada. As part of their 2018 residency, ATCR will be the first artists to use TONTO in the creation of new music after years of restoration work on the instrument. See ATCR share their creative process and provide a taste of new music at this public workshop.

Friday November 16th

Alberta Music and You: How AB Music Can Help Your Career

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

In this session Allison Myggland will showcase what Alberta Music, Alberta’s non-profit membership-based music industry association, has to offer artists and producers of all types. From reviewing grants and connecting artists with funding opportunities; providing opportunities for Alberta musicians to showcase at national and international industry events; strategic consulting for your career; programming high-impact educational seminars and networking events; and connecting members with high-calibre industry connections, Alberta Music’s services can be foundational to taking your music career to the next level.

More about Allison Myggland

Online Marketing For Artists

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

In this day and age, it can be tough to get your music to your listeners. There’s thousands of songs uploaded daily to a multitude of listening platforms, so how do you set your music apart from the rest and engage listeners who will hopefully become your fans?

Thomas Anthony is going to show us the magic behind the curtains, and breakdown his entire process of how to release and promote your music, keeping up with your social media presence, other primary methods of music promotion, and specific marketing tools you can implement on your next release!

More about Thomas Anthony

Asset Review Panel

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Want to know what talent buyers really think when they first see your Soundcloud page? Want to know what festival bookers really think when they read your bio? Want to know if any of this online media really makes a difference if it all comes down to what you sound like? Find out with this unique workshop!

In our Asset Review panel, a group music industry experts will review your chosen asset live! You could submit your bio, your website, a social media profile, or any other piece of media that you’re using to connect with key figures in the music industry. Our goal, provide you useable feedback so that you can present yourself in the best way possible.

As space is limited, we’ll be working on a first-come first-serve model. Only ticket-holder can submit an asset to be reviewed. Please submit a single link using the form below.

Our feedback panel includes:

Joel West, Groundwerk (Moderator)

Síofra McComb – Head of International Sales & Marketing, !K7 Music, Berlin

Jordan Bruce, PR Executive, Dispersion PR, London

Perry Gillman, Agent, Madison House Agency, Toronto

Marcus Gurske, Publicist, Houston

Saturday November 17th

Making Main Stage: Large Event Production & Stage Design


From the Village at Shambhala to FVDED in The Park across the USA. Explore the world of stage design and event production through the lens of industry professionals who make creative dreams a reality through thoughtful and safe planning procedures to create some of the world’s top events.

More about the presenters

Best & Worst of Running a Record Label in 2018

ATB Gallery

Times have changed for label managers and artists in the last two decades. Innovation and perseverance have created a thriving label platform for young artists and A&R models are shifting. How do we all fit in? What does it take to run a label in 2018? Join both veteran and new school label managers as they discuss the best and worst of running a label in 2018.

More about the presenters

From Ableton to Rekordbox: Creative Djing with Ben Liebrand

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Ben Liebrand is considered to be one of the true pioneers in mixing and DJ-ing. In 1983, long before Facebook or even the internet, Ben was developing his style in mixing with a weekly broadcast on Dutch radio. It was this show that inspired guys like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren to become DJ’s.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take advantage of a wide range of tools and techniques to take your DJing to the next level.

More about Ben Liebrand (NL)

In Conversation with Malcolm Cecil


TONTO co-creator Malcolm Cecil will lead a conversation about the history of TONTO, chronicling its creation, seminal works and collaborations with notable artists, and its enduring legacy.

More about Malcolm Cecil

Youtube Your Way to Success – With Vespers

ATB Gallery

How to Get Heard, Grow Your Tribe of Fans, & Level-Up Your Career – A Workshop with Vespers

Learn how to KILL IT on Youtube and why it’s (totally) worth your time…

9 ways a Youtube channel can massively ACCELERATE your career

Exactly what you need to get started

How to set up your channel the RIGHT way

3 simple, but little-known video types you NEED to publish

Essential dos and don’t dos of Youtube

How to get people from Youtube to follow you forever

7 Youtube power features that’ll get you ahead BIGTIME

5 hacks to help you grow your channel without spending $ on advertising

Youtube Live – what you need to know

More about Vespers


Universal Audio Sky Bridge

An overview of what SOCAN does as a performing rights organization (PRO) and the role it plays within the larger music industry. We go over what types of performance royalties are paid out to songwriters/producers, how you can maximize your royalties and ensure that you’re collecting the most money for all your public performances. We cover the benefits that SOCAN members have access to (“The SOCAN Advantage”), SOCAN Foundation funding, and the functions of SOCAN’s A&R team—how we can help support you in your songwriting/craft development and connect you to the SOCAN network of songwriters, producers, composers, and music publishers. There’s also time for Q&A at the end of the presentation to open the floor for questions.

More about Racquel Villagante

TONTO Demonstration with Malcolm Cecil


Synth pioneer, Malcolm Cecil will reunite with TONTO for a rare demonstration on the legendary instrument that he helped to create.

More about Malcolm Cecil

Demystifying the Pipeline: Interactive Music Composition for Games

ATB Gallery

Senior Audio Designer and Music Director, Lin Gardiner, helps you navigate some of the best practices for working with development studio Audio Departments, and gives an overview of some processes and tools when composing interactive music for games

More about Lin Gardiner

Vocal Recording & Processing Crash Course With Jake Robertz

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Vocal processing techniques can seem like a bit of a mystery and leave you wondering why you can’t get them to gel in your mix, while still cutting through and sounding warm, balanced and natural. Every voice is different and needs to be treated as such. In this in depth masterclass, Jake Robertz from the Night Vision Music Academy will lift the curtain and show you the magicians secrets. You’ll gain an in depth knowledge of how each effect works and when, where and how to use them in different situations.

More about Jake Robertz

Safer Scenes: Moving Beyond Call Out Culture – Panel


Safer Scenes: Moving Beyond Call Out Culture.   This panel will bring together varied perspectives of the role that the “call out” plays in fostering safety in our music scenes. What alternatives exist when looking to prioritize safety, and what is within the responsibility of venue owners, security, artists, event organizers and promoters? With a focus on accountability and real-life tools for the industry to use, this panel will explore how  can we work towards long-term, sustainable change in music communities

More about the presenters

The Art of Funding a Creative Business

ATB Gallery

When it comes to funding an arts-based business or project, banks don’t typically start handing out loans. So how do artists find the funding they need? This panel features three artists that have used different methods to finance their dreams. Learn about what has worked, what hasn’t, and some alternative financing methods to help bring your dream to life.

More about the presenters

Memes, Dreams, and Themes – Composing Music for Video Games

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Ricardo Almeida presents a workshop on composing video game themes. Learn the basics from musical structure and theory and the advanced theory of human culture and Idea transmission. Watch as he reveals what makes a good theme and the philosophy that underpins the musical decisions he makes

More about Ricardo Almeida

Visibility: Exploring Cultural Diversity in the Music Industry


Join some of Western Canada’s top voices as they discuss the challenges and outcomes of promoting and encouraging diversity in all facets of the music industry. From artist lineups and music labels, to production studios and creating supportive allies.

More about the presenters

Emergency Services & Underground Culture Panel

ATB Gallery

Underground music’s relationship with emergency services hasn’t always been easy. But in recent years, event promoters and electronic collectives have increasingly worked hand-in-hand with emergency services to minimize the negative sides of large events. What role does emergency services play in underground culture and what does the future hold for this important relationship?

R&R: What You Need To Know About Rights & Royalties

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

In this session, we’ll make sure creators and those administering rights on behalf of creators understand copyright law and how to collect the royalties connected to songwriting, publishing and recordings.

More about Vel Omazic

Fast Forward Rewind: DnB in Alberta within a global context.


A panel of local and international Drum and Bass pioneers discuss the development of the genre and the role Alberta has played within the context of the ‘London Sumpting’ that is DnB/Jungle.

More about the presenters

Film Screening: Phantom of the Paradise 


$15 for non-NMC Members, $10 for NMC Members, free for AEMCON pass holders

See the 1974 Brian DePalma horror-musical, Phantom of the Paradise, which immortalized TONTO after it was featured (as the “electronic room”). Though the film was a flop virtually everywhere after its initial release, it was a hit in two places: Paris (Daft Punk is said to have met at a screening in the City of Light) and Winnipeg, where it maintains a rabid cult following to this day.

Sunday November 17th

Inside the Music Production & Technology of BioWare’s New IP ‘ANTHEM’

AEMCON Auditorium

Speakers: Jeremie Voillot, Ron Dazo

In this talk, Director of Audio Jeremie Voillot, and Music Editor and Implementer Ron Dazo take you behind the scenes of the production and implementation of ANTHEM’s unique and dynamic score. With video examples, they will walk you through the music production process from initial composition all the way to detailed breakdowns of the systems that make it all work at the final stages of playback.

More informaton

Mixing + Mastering Electronic Music with Woofax

ATB Gallery

Back by popular demand, join Matt Simmers aka Woofax as he goes over more advanced mixing and mastering techniques in contemporary music. The course will use many different techniques with familiar plugins that can be utilized over different DAWS. Students of all levels are welcome to attend. Q&A is highly encouraged!

More about Woofax

Get Funded! FACTOR Canada Info Session

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Get to know more about FACTOR Programs available to artists and labels at our free info sessions! Learn about what exactly FACTOR is, how to set up an artist profile and get your applications started, popular programs artists can access, and tips on how to improve your chances of successfully accessing funding.

This will be a beneficial session for those with little or no experience in applying through the FACTOR system, as well as those who are familiar with their operations. There will be plenty of time for Q&A afterwards, so bring your questions!

More about Geoff Stairs

From Rave Bans To Collaboration – Working With Cities & Building An Electronic Music Culture

AEMCON Auditorium

Inspired by recent interactions between Edmonton’s electronic music scene and city council, this session will explore the checkered but optimistic relationship between electronic music and Alberta’s cities and how event producers can best work with municipalities to create successful and sustainable events.

What support can cities give to event producers and how can event producers minimize the negative fallout of their large scale and small scale events? What is the city’s roll in supporting underground artistic movements? What does the future look for city/promoter collaborations?

Tackling these questions is a panel featuring city officials, community activists, and harm reduction professionals.

More Information

Accounting For Promoters, Music Producers, DJs, and Other Music Professionals

ATB Gallery

Accounting may be one of your least favourite activities, but good habits can result in big gains and less headaches. In this session we’ll explore what you need to know about setting yourself up as a business and how you can take advantage of the many possible deductibles. Caitlyn Ducasse is a Certified Professional Accountant and will be breaking down the topic and answering audience questions.

Learn what expenses you can claim when you play shows, produce music, or organize events

Learn easy systems to keep track of your finances and stay on top of your

Learn when to take the next step by hiring a book-keeper or accountant

Learn how to avoid being audited and the best ways to keep the government happy

Learn about GST and when you need to start taking account of it

More about Caitlyn Ducasse

Step Sequencing – The Importance and Power of Step Sequencers in Electronic Music – Analog and Midi-cc

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Roland Canada’s Dustin Good will take you through a brief history of step sequencers, starting from lesser known analog roots to digital evolution and modern implementations and techniques.  The power and possibilities of expanding on such a simple concept will be explored and demonstrated using analog and digital synthesizers and drum machines.

Beating Writers Block, Finishing Tunes, and Maximizing Your Workflow in Ableton with Stud1nt

ATB Gallery

Discwoman’s Stud1nt dives into their creative process to show you ways to overcome writers block, finish tunes, and maximize your workflow in Ableton.

Software and Control Voltage for Modular Synths

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Control your modular synth rig from your DAW/plugins!  Control your DAW/plugins from your modular synth rig! Discover bi-directional techniques for total integration of DAWs, virtual instruments/modulators, and modular synth hardware.

Sponsored by Universal Audio and HHB Canada.

More about Len Goins

Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry Panel

AEMCON Auditorium

Starting a business is one of the most challenging and gratifying things you can do, but many people don’t know where to start. Meet a group of innovators who have carved out their own creative and business niches in the music industry. Learn about their journeys, what they’ve learned, and what advice they have for those looking to start or grown their own business.

Music Hacking With Vespers

ATB Gallery

How to Write Catchy & Unique Music Without Suffering Through Mind-Numbing Theory. A Music Production Workshop with Vespers

Learn the song writing hacks that’ll help you write BETTER music FASTER.

Hack your workflow: What to do in what order for the best results

Write in ANY key without memorizing scales, sharps & flats

2 power scales that simplify writing amazing bass lines

3 secret “wrong notes” to add interest & variation to your melodies

5 melody writing techniques for memorable & catchy melodies

Write EPIC chord progressions that seamlessly melt together

Beef up your chords to make them more complex

Pro tips to loop or resolve your chord progressions

The “drum hack” that’ll give you interesting & unique drums every time

More about Vespers

Creating Dynamic Events

AEMCON Auditorium

A panel that explores how dynamic, impactful, and long lasting events are created and what strategies are used to motivate a community behind an event.

More Information

Productivity for Busy Producers with TMSV

ATB Gallery

A lot of us feel like we’re either too busy to work on our music properly, or lack the focus to be productive. TMSV’s method revolves around making the most of your time, without sacrificing the quality of your music and your growth as an artist. In this block, explore the importance of developing a comfortable workflow to make producing easy and quick. Focus on building your own templates, blocking time and the importance of finishing music and of knowing when to quit.

More about TMSV

Moog One Showcase

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Join us for a deep-dive into the historic Moog One polyphonic synthesizer, led by an employee owner of Moog Music Inc. from Asheville, NC.

Speaker: Nick Valente

More about MOOG

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox overview

Universal Audio Sky Bridge

Come and check out an in depth overview of Rekordbox from Pioneer DJ.  This presentation will show the operation and functionality of Rekordbox, and will take your DJ’ng to the next level.

Speaker: Brennan Galley

Keeping Venues Alive & Flourishing Panel

AEMCON Auditorium

Running a live music venue is not always what it seems. In 2018, Alberta saw an increase of venues shutting their doors for good. What does it take to keep the lights on, the programming fresh and to stay up to date with today’s constantly changing social narrative? Join conversation with some of Western Canada’s primary event organizers and venue managers to find out.

Night Events



YYC Synthwave at AEMCON 2018

Thats right everyone, YYC Synthwave is apart the most Electronic Conference you can find in Alberta. Come see the other synth pop/new wave side of electronic music with our favourite guests Die Scum Inc. Netrvnner, Deaddeeryyc

Die Scum Inc.

Founded in 2015 by T-Roy and Ror-y, Die Scum Inc. is an homage to VHS cassettes and genre tropes. Lovingly crafting “Notion Picture Soundtracks”.
Every song comes from us channeling our own nostalgia into something that is a story all its own.


Cinematic synthwave and melancholic, cyberpunk soundscapes to the netspace of 2017


Chill sounds for the soul. Cinematic and Chill Synthwave out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
**Nominated for YYC EDM Recording of the Year**”

Doors at 9pm
Venue: Verns Bar
Address: 622 – 8 ave S.W.
Cover: $10/free with AEMCON PASS

AEMCON Kick Off / Humpday House Party

“Music is the drug, the Dj is the dealer”

Community + Love + Really good House Music = HUMPDay HOUSE Party

We are the official Alberta Electronic Music Conference Kick off Party!! Such an honour to be included in this and to have such AMAZING local talent that supports us and keeps us dancing!! These 5 Deejay’s are HUMPDay residents and deserve to be showcased for this special night!!

JUNIOR (Julio)

$4 Domestic Beer | $4 Highballs

No Cover, because it’s all about the love of the music.

J9Productions, Bringing people together one frequency at a

For more info about AEMCON visit



Chris Lorenzo (Free Show) presented by Blueprint and Monster Energy

UK House Music DJ Chris Lorenzo performs at Commonwealth Bar & Stage on Nov 15 for their 7 year anniversary!

Tickets are FREE with RSVP:

Support TBA
Pres. by Blueprint Alberta & Monster Energy
Calgary, AB – 18+ only w/ valid Government I.D.

We’re on Instagram! Make sure to keep tabs on us @BlueprintAlberta + our hashtags #BlueprintAB #Thisisblueprint

Alberta Electronic Music Conference 2018 conference pass holders gain entry to this event subject to capacity.
Find out more about AEMCON:


Studio Social + Introduction to Acoustics and DIY Acoustic Treatment Presentation


Habitat Studio Social:
Highlighting Local Producers and Tracks

Featuring Presentation:
Introduction to Acoustics and DIY Acoustic Treatment

Submission Deadline: Nov. 05 2018


Habitat Studio Social is a community-driven producer-centric listening party. This night features community submissions presented by an MC and a feature presentation from Robert Albus [Ten Speed Audio] entitled Introduction to Acoustics and DIY Sound Treatment. The November 2018 Habitat Studio Social is brought to you by by Habitat Living Sound, Alberta Electronic Music Conference, and community volunteers.
Introduction to Acoustics and DIY Acoustic Treatment aims to expose producers to spatial considerations for their creative spaces. The talk covers the basic physical phenomenon of sound and it’s interaction with a room. The main goal of this talk is to expose how any producer with a bit of cash and ingenuity can markedly improve the acoustical response of virtually any space.

Alberta Electronic Music Conference 2018 conference pass holders gain entry to this event subject to capacity.
Find out more about AEMCON:



Email submissions in 320kbps mp3 format to

Please name your files clearly: artist_name-track_name_(mix_name).mp3
Review submission guidelines before submitting:
Please check-in at the DJ booth when you arrive the night of the event if you have submitted so we know you are in attendance.


Find us online:

Tsuruda Presented by The Hifi Club & New Wave

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