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For me personally, UZ is one of my all time favourite producers. I’ve always loved his music and style. I fell in love with the mask immediately! UZ worked his way up from nothing being totally anonymous! This is a HUGE feat. He let his music do the talking for him and I’ve always respected that A LOT. From day one you knew he wasn’t in it for the fame, He just has a love for music. So when we had the chance to interview him we jumped on the opportunity. 

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CDNEDM: First off, lets talk about the new mask and the UZ rebirth. What made you decide to change it?

UZ: I’ve been using the same mask for 6years now and I felt it was time for an update. We didn’t want to go away from the original one so it’s more of the natural evolution of the mask than completely changing it. We wanted to get rid of the hat because of the F* word that was causing us problems sometimes. So the mask is now a full head and more visible than before, where you only could see the eyes. We kept the bandana as we thought was a key element and changed the outfit, which is more technical gear now.

I also wanted to change the music a little bit and go back to my original sound, the sound that made me who I am today. So I stayed in my studio for a couple months and came up with 9 solid tracks. I didn’t really want to add any interlude or fillers so that’s why I kept it short: quality over quantity.

CDNEDM: What made you decide to finally give up your identity?

UZ: Since I have my own label now, I need to speak to people, meet artists and discuss business. I don’t like other people doing the talking for me anymore and honestly I got tired of hiding my identity and having to hang out alone in my green room and all that stuff. I wanted to let people know where I was coming from and what I did before UZ. I have done a lot of things before UZ.

CDNEDM: What is your favourite city to play in Canada? Which city goes the hardest?

UZ:I love Canada, people are so nice there! I did my very first tour in Canada with Baauer, it was awesome and I will never forget it! Every cities I played were amazing TBH and I love every city for different reasons, having sushi in Vancouver (I actually bought the first F**K hat there), I like Edmonton as I have very good friends there, Calgary goes hard, I really like Montreal, Toronto was hard too – and I love poutine, ahaha. 

CDNEDM: Who is your dream collaboration?

UZ: I honestly don’t have a dream collaboration, It’s really more about the vibe in the room, If I meet another artists or producer and nothing happens between us, there’s no point trying to make music, I’m not looking for “clout” or “hype,” I don’t need that, I just want to have a great moment and make magic. The last collab session I had was with Montell 2099 and let me tell you, we’ve made some fire, coming soon!

CDNEDM: What’s your favourite track right now?

UZ:  Favorite track? Huh. I’ll give you 3 that I really like playing right now: Montell 2099 – “susu”, Chrome Republic & Blake Skowron – “McMuffler” and Thook – “Green Boi.” Don’t look for the 2 last ones, they’re unreleased. Haha! 

CDNEDM: What’s it been like for you watching the trap scene progress over the years?

UZ:It’s great! Trap definitely took a few different directions in the last year but I really like the new wave of up and coming artists. I’m not really into festival EDM trap or dubstep-ish trap or Hybrid bits, I respect it but that’s just not what I’m looking for. I really like minimal, dark music and weird stuff. It looks like that this is the direction trap is taking right now. We’re also trying to release the music that we really believe in on our label Quality Goods Records. I like to find up and coming artists with a unique sound and bring their vision to the next level. We have some of the dopest music to be released soon and this year is going to be a big one for us.

CDNEDM: Name one Festival / Club moment you’ll never forget

UZ: 2013 EDC Vegas, I went on stage and there was between 5 and 10k people. They started chanting my name before the set and the stage manager told me that everybody was there for me – it was a great moment! Good times.

CDNEDM: If you could give one tip to an up and coming producer, what would it be?

UZ: Practice your sound until you think you’re ready, don’t do what everybody does, don’t imitate what’s hype or trendy, find your own formula and perfect it, and when you’ll be ready you will know it. Be careful of people that are just here because they want something from you, and not help you genuinely. Choose your team wisely! Be yourself and connect with your fans, they are the reason you are here, They are here for you, so be there for them.

CDNEDM: What drives you to make music?

UZ: I’ve been making music for 20 years now, played guitar, drums, being a turntablist, producing music on the computer.  I think it’s just a part of me now and music is my life, as simple as that.

CDNEDM: What’s your favourite food? What are your thoughts on poutine?

UZ: Favourite food, honestly I like everything but I’m really trying to be healthy these days. I became pescatarian a year ago, and trying to eat green stuff as much as I can. I like ramen, Ramen Hood downtown LA is pretty good, I love sushi even if raw fish isn’t ideal. Asparagus is pretty sick too, haha. Poutine is the bomb! I need to have it next time I’m in Canada.

CDNEDM: Who’s your favourite non-electronic artist or band?

UZ: There’s a French band that I really like called Forever Pavot, check them out!

CDNEDMWhat’s next for you?

UZ: The album just dropped, the tour is going great, I’m already having a great year, but this year I’m going to push the label to the next level, organize QGR events, and make more music!

The UZ Rebirth Tour starts this weekend in Seattle!


you can pre save UZ’s Rebirth Album by clicking HERE

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Make sure you follow UZ on all of his social media’s right here:

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