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Monkey Twerk

For me, Monkey Twerk is the epitome of fun. Even their name is fun to say! When you watch these two in the booth, its clear that they LOVE what they do. I’ve always been a strong believer in a theory that the DJ(s) should always be having more fun than anyone else in the crowd And Monkey Twerk take this to the next level. Not only do they love what they do but they have to be some of the hardest working DJ’s / Producers in Alberta. They’ve played motion notion, Astral Harvest and now the holy grail, Shambhala! We had a chance to do an interview with these two crazy monkeys! Make sure you check out their social media links below to show them some love and find out more about what they’re up to!

CDNEDM: What made you decide to move to Canada?

Monkey Twerk: Better opportunities and a better standard of life. We came separately, Adriana came young with her family, and Frank came as an intern after finishing University. We then met at a conference in Calgary, and the rest is history 🙂

CDNEDM: How Did Monkey Twerk Start?

Monkey Twerk: At the beginning of the relationship Adriana went to do an internship in Taiwan and Frank had to come back to Colombia, so during that time, Skype dates were a must. So in order to party with each other, we started having Skype parties, basically exchanging music to dance and impress each other. After reuniting back in Calgary, we finally went together to Shambhala, an awesome party we had been hearing about. It was then that our passion for discovering and sharing music became a driving force, and it was at the Living Room stage in 2011, where we decided to make music a bigger part of our life

CDNEDM: Tell us a bit about your DJ camps.

Monkey Twerk: It is an initiative that happens twice a year to get kids/adults started on DJing, without having to guess throughout their learning process. They learn about hardware, software, and mixing techniques. The plan is to grow in terms of content to start teaching music production, artistry, and marketing for artists.

CDNEDM: What can a crowd expect when Monkey Twerk is on the decks?

Monkey Twerk: An energizing, eclectic and groovy good time, filled with love, smiles, lots of dancing and funkiness with a bit of badassery. Our sets are rooted in house music but are never the same, and include several genres and BPMs depending on what the moment calls for.

CDNEDM: What is the origin of the name “Monkey Twerk”

Monkey Twerk: After building a big list of hilarious options, and while waiting in line to get into Shambhala for the second time, Adriana just randomly said it out loud and it was love at first sight. Then the name got tested with a few friends, and every time they heard it, a smile came along the way, so it stuck. We figured, if it gets a smile, that’s a bonus, and we’ll take it!

CDNEDM: What’s your favourite Canadian festival or club and why?

Monkey Twerk: There’s a lot of love and respect for several places, but undoubtedly “Shambhala” is at the top, closely followed by “Astral Harvest”. The third would be “Connect Music Festival” in Saskatchewan, but it is over now, so “Emotions” in Manitoba is coming instead 🙂

CDNEDM: Name one Festival / Club moment you’ll never forget

Monkey Twerk: Playing Badlands 2014 in Calgary was huge, felt amazing, and it totally put MonkeyTwerk on the map. It all happened thanks to Kida Nakamura. and Bugsy Brown from the Two Towers crew, and it was the first time we had the opportunity to share our music with a bigger dance floor.

CDNEDM: If you could give one tip to an up and coming Canadian producer, what would it be?

Monkey Twerk: Work hard with a clear vision in mind, learn all the time from everyone, be humble everywhere you go, and be VERY patient with your results and goals!

CDNEDM: What drives you to make music?

Monkey Twerk: Nothing else feels like it. From the fun that surrounds the infinite possibilities of the creative process, to the extreme fulfilment when we see all the happy faces smiling, dancing and sharing all together … It all creates a perfect moment and makes it absolutely worth it.

CDNEDM: What’s it like working with your significant other? Has it ever caused any friction in your relationship?

Monkey Twerk: The opposite, it totally made us an even stronger couple because we are sharing a common passion, a common joy, and a common goal. Also, when we play it is like being on a little date, we dress up and dance the night away 😉

CDNEDM:  Who’s your favourite non electronic artist or band?

Monkey Twerk: We love Manu Chao, Cypress hill, J Balvin, Kali Uchis, Rihanna, Cardi B, and a ton of other Latin, Reggae, and Hip Hop influences.

CDNEDM: Whats next for you?

Monkey Twerk: We prepare for a summer packed with festivals, including Odyssey Gathering, Emotions, Astral Harvest, and our biggest honour to date, our debut in Shambhala. We also are set to start releasing a lot of tunes on our new record label http://, featuring tracks from MonkeyTwerk, Peep This, and Thomas Anthony initially.

We will do an outro to the interview. We like to include links to any upcoming shows. Announce any upcoming music etc. anything you would like in here please ensure to mention it

The first FANCYFOXX release will be this Friday April 27, with the song “Game Over”, a collab between MonkeyTwerk & Peep This. After that we’ll be releasing new music every 3 weeks, so follow @fancyfoxxmusic on all the socials to stay tuned and listen first.

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