Global Music Awards Bronze Medal Finalist Miss Tara Gets Nominated For Hit Track “Heat”

The Toronto based DJ and producer, Miss Tara has made waves recently at the Global Music Awards with her Dance Electro banger “Heat” Feat. Ashni.

The club smasher was nominated at the awards and Miss Tara was received recognition as a bronze medal finalist.

The track has a tropical house vibe with some of the cleanest electronic synths, thumping drum buildups, and unforgettable drops.

The track has a strong summertime sound and an exotic vibe.  The ending drop is also quite a change up from the first two with trap-style synths that lead back into the tropical sound as the song comes to an end.

Check out the heater, “Heat” down below:

The young talented producers’ skills in the studio are not going unnoticed, as Miss Tara continues to develop one of the cleanest sounds in the mainstream dance scene.

Several other releases are in the coming up months so keep an eye on Miss Tara, as she continues to dominate the Dance scene in her respective genres.

Miss Tara’s music is constantly progressing and evolving alongside the dance scene and she is certainly an act to watch out for through 2018.

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