21 11, 2018

Top 5 AEMCON Highlights

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We had the pleasure of attending AEMCON this year. AEMCON, the Alberta Electronic Music Convention hosted in Calgary at the National Music Centre (Studio Bell) is a place where industry members come together to share knowledge on music production, marketing and business practices as well as some really amazing live performances.

6 11, 2018

The Count Down to AEMCON

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AEMCON is a an amazing conference where electronic music producers and industry professionals from all over the world come to Calgary to share knowledge and tools. It is hosted by Electronic Music Calgary which was founded by Isis Graham, Andrew Williams, and Matt Carter in the Spring of 2016. AEMCON is partnered with The National Music Centre (home of Studio Bell) to bring you this amazing event in 2018.

5 06, 2018

Bass Coast 2018 Line Up Playlist

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Bass Coast 2018 Line Up Playlist The Bass Coast 2018 Line Up has been announced! We've scoured sound cloud to find as many of the headliners as possible! We've got over 3 hours of tunes on this playlist! check the social links below for more about Bass Coast 

14 05, 2018

80 Empire – Artist Interview

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Meet Adrian and Lucas, the dual rulers of 80 Empire. The talented pair began making music in their teens as creative visionaries behind a high school garage band. Driven by their eclectic tastes, this dynamic duo combines the funk of their youth with emerging electronic dance vibes to offer soulful house sounds to listeners around the world.

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